Get Search for a Kinder Muse for 50% Off!

Today is the last day of August – and the last day to purchase – my new poetry collection, Search for a Kinder Museat 50% off! That’s right. . .Just plug in this code: JR54X, download, and enjoy. There’s art by Marcia Borell that I know will inspire a poem or two as well.

Would love to hear your feedback, too!

Daily Prompt for Monday, August 31, 2015

Visit a survival gear and food supply website (or two or three. . .).  Peruse and make note of what intrigues you, what you might need/want, and so forth. Then choose –  or create – an event (real and/or imagined) and compose a narrative poem in any form that tells the tale!

Daily Prompt for Sunday, August 30, 2015

Make a list of everything in your front and/or back yard, porch, patio or deck – including animate as well as inanimate objects. Compose a list poem.

Daily Prompt for Saturday, August 29, 2015

Your character inherits a beach cottage, moves in, and discovers. . .

Daily Prompt for Friday, August 28, 2015

Choose – or create – an event and/or scene that is integral to revealing something intriguing about your character(s). Now show this from different POVs and reflect on what each one reveals – or has the potential to reveal.

Daily Prompt for August 27, 2015

We all know conflict is an integral aspect of most good fiction. That said, the type of conflict – and its purpose – varies. For today’s prompt, create two or more characters and place them in a situation where they disagree on an important matter. Resolve – or not – accordingly, keeping in mind that this could be the beginning, middle, or end of a story.

Gearing up to offer Seminar on Networking for Writers

Just in case I don’t have a new computer by my launch date, I will be hosting this seminar through, which is a great platform. The seminar – which will be my gift to you – will be held sometime during September, so stay tuned.

While I will continue to post updates here, when you sign up for my Kinder Muse newsletter, you’ll receive them directly in your inbox. Talk about keeping life simple. . .

If you’d like me to address a specific aspect of networking, please let me know. Otherwise, there will be a Q&A session after the seminar, too.

Looking forward to connecting with you!

Looking for Poetry Reviewers

What writer doesn’t comb through their favorite zines for reviews of new authors as well as their favorites? And yes, for their own work as well. . .

That said, if you would like to review my new poetry collection, Search for a Kinder Muse, with art by Marcia Borell, please complete the contact form below, and I will send you a coupon code for a free copy. I want your honest opinion, of course. Thank you in advance!

The Boortean Embassy Needs a New MacBook Pro+!

If you’ve been following my ongoing computer saga, then you know my data has been saved (and is currently being downloaded to an external drive at Computer Guys!). With the goal of purchasing a new computer yesterday (where did I park my time machine this time?! Sozar!), I am conducting a shameless self-promotion (is there any other kind?) to purchase my new poetry collection, Search for a Kinder Muse – with art by Marcia Borell. For the price of a mocha or latte, you can embark upon a journey to discover your own kinder muse!

I’m also offering a special on coaching sessions for the month of August. Just imagine having your own Kinder Muse at your beck-and-call (some restrictions do apply) on a weekly basis!

Normally, my third writing coaching package runs $650.00 per month. But for this month, I would like to offer it to you for just $500.00. Just imagine how much you will accomplish! Just imagine ringing-round-Saturn with your poetry collection, your short stories, and yes, that novel, too! Just imagine being transported into the future to unveil your incredible plot! Just imagine walking through the stacks of your own unique library to discover creative solutions to marketing, networking – and more!

Contact me now at (using the unique codewords, “open the portal”) and celebrate your writing success!

Computer Update from Your Humble Ambassador

The good news (as it’s always best to begin with the good news. . .), the wonderful team at Computer Guys was able to salvage ALL OF MY DATA! Sozar!

The not-so-good news is that my beloved computer was already on its way out; the spill just hastened it.

That said, unless the Four Corners of The Universe fold in upon themselves then expand to reveal a new computer by Saturday, my Networking Seminar for Writers will be postponed. . .