The Boortean Ambassador Will Be Attending MidSouth Con with Hiraeth Publishing

Sozar – that’s right!

The Boortean Ambassador’s starslip will be in geosynchronous orbit over Memphis, Tennessee, for MidSouth Con! 

She will be transporting down to the dealer room on March 20-to -22 with our Fearless Leader. She looks forward to connecting with you all there. The Embassy is all a buzz, as this is promising to be a transformational event! Furthermore, the Ambassador is beside herself with joy because she will be able to see her favorite Haurans live and in person! Sozar!

Humbly Yours,

The Boortean Ambassador

P.S. And yes, YT will be asking where the best place to obtain caffeinated beverages is located . . .

A Few Updates for Inquiring Minds. . .

Hi Everyone:

I’ve received a few queries given my connection with Alban Lake Publishing and the Drabble contest, etc.  I am no longer associated in any way with Alban Lake Publishing, which, as of April 6, is being rebranded as Branching Realities by Karen and Bill Otto. Some of you may already be aware of this. That said, Hiraeth Publishing is solid and will be handling all the publications and authors that you love! Thank you for your patience!

Sozar to you!

Sozar! I have a poem nominated for the Rhysling!

I was thrilled to learn that someone nominated my poem, “Revisiting the Origins of Language,” that was published in the March 2019 issue of Space & Time Magazine. Thank you to Poetry Editor, Linda Addison, for accepting this poem.