Discover – and Then Manifest – Your Goals through Writing!

That’s right. . .

Writing is a vivid all-encompassing sensory experience that you can step into just like your favorite shoes – or slip into like your favorite flip-flops, slippers, or socks! It feels good to experience writing as you pass through a portal to another universe, dial up a time machine to visit a historical site or venture into familiar terrain.

Then there are those alternative timelines and dimensions – An array of infinite possibilities!

Writing is also a discovery process – for you as well as your characters. As a writer, you’re also an adventurer, a trailblazer, a hero, a shaman, a scientist, a midwife, and oh-so-much more! You’re also courageous and brave and willing to “Go,” in the immortal words of Gene Roddenberry, “where no man [or woman] has gone before!”

Focus on you. . . right now. Where are YOU with YOUR writing? Where do YOU want to go?  What experiences do YOU want to have? With whom do YOU want to have them?

And how do YOU want them to unveil?

Start writing now. . .discover and manifest your goals!





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