A Day in the Life of I, Unicorn Author, Natasha Ewendt

Terrie Leigh Relf: Today’s interview is with Natasha Ewendt, who’s just become an instant bestseller with her new release, I, Unicorn: Use Quarantine To Get Enlightened Now! with a fantastic foreword by Hay House’s Daniel Mitel, I, Unicorn is a quirky quick-read about surviving the COVID mental health crisis. Its fast hacks for anxiety and depression and its buoying humor are much-needed at this crazy time. Let’s find out why Natasha wrote this book for you!

Terrie Leigh Relf: Tell us about your latest release.

Natasha Ewendt: I, Unicorn is a 15-page pocket book on overcoming COVID anxiety. There’s so many people suffering right now, which is what prompted me to write and release the book fast and cheap. Whether you’re battling anxiety and depression in isolation or worried about someone you love working on the frontline, its quick tips on managing stress will help you get in touch with your inner zen.

The idea is that anyone can become enlightened—or, as I say, become a unicorn, a rare creature with special access to serenity. Enlightenment isn’t just for mountain monks, it’s for everyone, and it’s actually super easy to become enlightened—to become a unicorn!

The book’s also a lot of fun, and interactive. Relieve COVID isolation boredom by getting involved in the YouTube prank competition – slip into a unicorn suit, make a unicorn horn for your pet, or grab a unicorn toy and film yourself sneaking up on someone and shouting, “You got unicorned!”

Or tell your own personal COVID story about how the crisis has affected you and changed your life. Check out the videos on my YouTube channel.

You can also get involved and post unicorn videos and photos on the I, Unicorn Facebook page. The weirder the merrier!

Terrie Leigh Relf: How did you come by the idea?

Natasha Ewendt: Seeing so many suffering worldwide, I was gripped by the need to do something to help. One night around midnight the thought fell into my head to write an easy guide to insta-peace. I’m thrilled it’s become so popular, because the more it gets out there, the more people it can help. I kept it cheap – $1.00 – so anyone can get access to peace right now.

Terrie Leigh Relf: Who do you think might like your work?

Natasha Ewendt: Anyone who’s struggling with anxiety, depression or confusion. As well as offering fast hacks for mental health and a simple 3-step process for enlightenment, it explains the human condition and why we are the way we are. When you can understand yourself, you can take control. You can take your power back from your anxiety, your thoughts, your emotions. You get to be the boss. It also goes deeper into the reasons why life exists at all, explaining everything you’ve ever needed to know in a punchy, fun, accessible way.

Terrie Leigh Relf: Share part of your writing ritual with us.

Natasha Ewendt: I work best in chaos! When I plan and plot, I get so bored and lose interest. If I’m possessed by an idea that I just have to get out, that’s when I enjoy it the most. It has to be fresh and fun. Editing and notes and planning … *snores*!

Terrie Leigh Relf: What inspires your work?

Natasha Ewendt: You! People inspire my work. My passion is helping others. In particular, helping them understand themselves. We’re so confused by the way we are and why we’re here. I’ve been blessed through mindfulness and meditation to come by some pretty big answers, so I’ve decided to pass them on, in the simplest terms so anyone can understand. Who wants to read an inch-thick book on spirituality these days? Who has the time? And why does it even have to be an inch-thick? The message can be communicated in minutes. And so, here it is!

Terrie Leigh Relf: Do you have a final message for your readers?

Natasha Ewendt: Don’t give up. No matter what you’re feeling or how bleak things look, you have a reason to be here, and it will be revealed.

Find insta-peace and all the answers about life, you and the universe here!

Terrie Leigh Relf: Thank you again for creating the time for this interview and sharing your work! Be sure to check out the links below:

Book links:

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3b0ZjzT

Everywhere else: https://bit.ly/3eKK0NW

Fun links:

YouTube competition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ei6t6SUpkX0

YouTube tell your story: https://bit.ly/2xaCb38

I, Unicorn on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/663362794419326/


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