Hiraeth Publishing’s New Drabble Contest!

Greetings Haurans and Friends of Boort:

I’m currently fine-tuning the “Don’t Pull That Cord!” drabble contest, which “should” be available on (or around) April 1st. We Boorteans understand that April 1 is also referred to as April Fool’s Day, and jokes, pranks, and whatnot abound. This is no joke . . . That said, given everyone’s trans-galactic coordinates, alternate timelines (and yes! Sozar to the hard work of Hauran Postal Services et al), and other issues that may arise, we hope that everything will flow smoothly – and thank you for your patience . . .

While you wait, check out our new drabble contest! There are other submission calls as well, so create time to inspire yourself and find a new market for your work! There’s also much to read, and Boortean (as well as Hauran) studies show that reading is not only an enjoyable activity, it can also be a portal to another universe!

Then there’s the matter of reading makes us better – Period!

Humbly Yours,

The Boortean Ambassador