“I feel the need. . .for speed!” Part I

Maverick of Top Gun fame definitely called it. . .”I feel the need. . .the need. . .for speed!” (sound of hands clapping).

When one of my writing friends shared that she had a lot of projects and wanted to increase her writing speed, I immediately thought of that line. Speed is exhilarating! Speed is a sign you’re in-the-flow! Speed is empowering! After all, consider the speed of sound, the speed of light, and yes, the speed of thought.

So, how does one increase and enhance their speed and still maintain control of their vehicle?

Whether you’re breaking the sound barrier in a fighter jet, breaching the ionosphere in a space ship, folding time and space during astral travel, or sitting in front of your computer, fingers flying, be sure to keep your eyes on that prize in the distance! If you experience vertigo during this process, there are a wealth of remedies out there, including some from NASA.

Since you’re reading this, do you want to increase your writing speed? Your thought-speed? Your attention to detail? Or perhaps you’re reading this because you have so many projects, each with their own deadlines, and at different states of completion.

Imagine and picture yourself at the controls. They are all within your reach. There’s a volume knob to turn up communiques from Houston (or other bases – including Boort – depending upon your country or planet of origin). There’s a light switch to adjust color, brightness, and other visual arrays – including 3-D. There’s an environmental control switch to adjust temp, oxygen, and yes, the weather. There’s also another switch (or perhaps you’d prefer a knob or lever. . .) to adjust sensations such as the texture of your seat, whether or not you have a grav-free zone, and so forth.

Go ahead and familiarize yourself with these controls, then stay tuned for the next segment!






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