A Day in the Life Presents. . .an interview with author and editor, David C. Kopaska-Merkel

David C. Kopaska-Merkel, photo courtesy of author

Terrie Leigh Relf: . What are your daily writing and/or artistic rituals? How do you prepare your space for these activities?

David C. Kopaska-Merkel: Early in the day, except when I forget, I write a short poem, usually a haiku, and post it on my blog. It may be all the poetry I write that day. When I was hospitalized last spring, I wasn’t able to do that much.

TLR: With what media – or genres – do you work? How did you come to this media or genre?

DCKM: I used to hand-write poems in notebooks and type the final version, but now I compose on a computer. I still save some drafts, but the process is less transparent. I write SF & fantasy ’cause that’s what I like to read. I like mysteries, too, but they don’t make good poems.

TLR: Do you have a “day job” in addition to being a writer—or is that your day job, too? If you have an unrelated day job, how do you balance your creative and work time?

DCKM: My day job is as a geologist for the state of Alabama. I write poetry first thing in the morning, on weekends, and at night.

TLR: What tips do you have for other writers? This could be anything from a time-management strategy to an inspirational quote or exercise.

DCKM: Read or write every day. I find reading poetry inspires me.

TLR: What are your thought on the creative process in general and your creative process in particular?

DCKM: Seeds, whether written, observed, or writing challenges, help me get started.

TLR: What about upcoming publications? Gallery shows? Awards and other accolades?

DCKM: Two  chapbook manuscripts looking for homes. Dreams & Nightmares 101 about to be printed. Poem coming out in Asimov’s soon.

TLR: What are you working on now?

DCKM: A collaboration with Kendall Evans.

TLR: Anything else you’d like to add that I haven’t asked?

DCKM: If anyone wants to collaborate, get in touch!

TLR: Thank you for sharing your thoughts with your and my readers.

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David C. Kopaska-Merkel, an SF & fantasy fan since he  was in single digits, began writing in high school. Since then, hundreds of poems, stories, etc have been published in Asimov’s, Strange Horizons, and other places. He has edited Dreams & Nightmares magazine since 1986 (100 issues so far). He lives with a spouse and several pets in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

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