Douglas Hawk’s 7 Questions Interview Series

I was honored that Douglas Hawk asked to interview me for his 7 Questions  series. I loved his questions, and had a fun time responding to them. Be sure to read all the interviews and spend some time at his site. There is much to be inspired by, including his new novel!

Horror in a Hundred Update!

I’m thrilled my story, “Monster Under the Bed,” is going to be in the next issue of Dark Discoveries! Thank you to Russ Thompson and all the readers and staff et al who voted my piece in. Looking forward to reading the entire issue – and to the next contest, too, of course.

If you’ve never written a 100-word short story, I have to say that not only are they fun, but they are also an excellent way to get to the point of a tale in a few words. You can save so many ideas this way, too, then revisit them for longer pieces – even novel-length manuscripts!

Zombies, Zombies Everywhere!

Horror Selfie 1 for Terrie Leigh Relf

Zombies, Zombies, everywhere! In the patio – and beneath the stairs!

Be careful where you walk at night, or zombies will find you, gnaw and bite!

Alban Lake Publishing Releases An Untoward Bliss of Moons

Sozar! My new poetry collection, An Untoward Bliss of Moons, is now available through Alban Lake Publishing with an exquisite cover by Teresa Tunaley!

Since the purchase link isn’t up yet, there’s much to entertain yourself with while you wait! There’s the View from the Lake newsletter, other recent releases (and existing stacks), along with guidelines for ongoing publication calls.

And yes, the Alien Tourism drabble contest winners have been announced (see: newsletter link above).

Every day is a good day for writing – so keep it flowing!

The High Horror Days – Time to Get Your Scare On!

The High Horror Days are slithering toward us – or are we creeping toward them?

Regardless of who – or what – is moving toward whom (or what), isn’t each and every moment a cause for celebration?

Whether or not you’re still embodied (and breathing), all you have to do is peek around a cyber corner to realize the festivities are already in full swing!

Searching for a little something to get you in the mood? Look no further than the Horror in a Hundred tales posted at Hellnotes: Fiction, Movies, and Art Dedicated to the Horror Genre.

And that’s not all!

One of my familiars just breached the portal to whisper about a very special posting at Hellnotes on October 13th. Yeah, it’s on a Monday,  but for some humans and creatures alike, Mondays resonate with a unique type of horror.

If you have something special to add to the cauldron, please contact me using the form below. Until then. . .be sure to leave generous offerings to the ancestral spirits.

San Diego Local Authors Guerrilla Book Fair!

San Diego local authors Guerrilla Book Fair