The High Horror Days – Time to Get Your Scare On!

The High Horror Days are slithering toward us – or are we creeping toward them?

Regardless of who – or what – is moving toward whom (or what), isn’t each and every moment a cause for celebration?

Whether or not you’re still embodied (and breathing), all you have to do is peek around a cyber corner to realize the festivities are already in full swing!

Searching for a little something to get you in the mood? Look no further than the Horror in a Hundred tales posted at Hellnotes: Fiction, Movies, and Art Dedicated to the Horror Genre.

And that’s not all!

One of my familiars just breached the portal to whisper about a very special posting at Hellnotes on October 13th. Yeah, it’s on a Monday,  but for some humans and creatures alike, Mondays resonate with a unique type of horror.

If you have something special to add to the cauldron, please contact me using the form below. Until then. . .be sure to leave generous offerings to the ancestral spirits.

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