“The Need. . .for Speed!” Part II

Now that you’re familiar with your own personalized control panel, it’s time for a test flight.

That’s right! You’re going for a spin to become even more adept at those controls. You may choose to remain in the simulator, however, until you feel comfortable taking to the runway, launch pad, docking bay or other transport platform. Trust your innate skills and senses – and yes, your subconscious mind – to navigate through whatever weather conditions and terrain appear.

Am I asking you to step out of your comfort zone?

Yes I am!

Am I challenging you to suspend belief?

Most definitely!

Am I suggesting you alter your behavior patterns?


Ready? Here we go!

Step 1: Take a moment to check and double-check your controls to ensure that they’re functioning optimally.

Step 2: Determine and program coordinates.

Step 3. Prepare to launch.

Step 4. Countdown in T-minus 10. . .9. . .8. . .7

Step 5. Lift-off!

Step 6. Eject the internal editor as it’s no longer necessary.

Step 7. Go ahead. . .slip out of those restraints and grav-boots. . .just allow yourself to experience all the sights and sounds, sensations and scents. . .breathe them in-and-out. . .in. . .and. . .out. . .in. . .and. . .out. . .that’s right.

Step 8. Ahhhhhhhhh! Zero-g!  Isn’t weightlessness awesome?!

9. Now activate your starship’s black box (or other device) and begin recording. Your shipboard computer will save everything you experience until you’re ready for download!

10. Take several deep cleansing breaths, plug in your coordinates, and just. . .start. . .writing.

Once you return to earth – or Boort – orbit, all you have to do is remember how great it felt to experience the journey. Hold onto that feeling as you prepare for download each and every mission!

Sozar!  You’re going thought-speed!

P.S. Stay tuned for Part III!

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  1. I am on my way! Typed into the weeeeeeeee hours of the morning. Yeah! Thanks muchTerrie!



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