Announcing the 15th Alban Lake Publishing Drabble Contest!

Greetings Haurans and Friends of Boort- including podlings!

The 15th contest has now been posted! Remember, too, that Alban Lake Publishing, along with The Boortean Embassy, is dedicated to the universe’s podlings. That said, please encourage the podlings in your life to read, write – and ponder! Our Kids’ Contest is open throughout the summer! What better way to inspire them to engage the universe than participating in our first contest?! We feel confident that Hauran podlings will take us to the stars – and beyond! That said, we also believe that they will dedicate themselves to healing the planet as well as its inhabitants.

Humbly Yours,

Your Boortean Ambassador




Tales From the Moonlit Path Poetry Call for Summer 2019

Attention Poets!

Just a reminder that the call is open for supernatural poetry for the summer issue of Tales From the Moonlit Path! While the theme is open, several poets have already contacted me regarding the “bugs” contest theme. That said, bugs are certainly welcome for the poetry section – but give them the proverbial twist (and yes, Roger Corman is one of my idols, so . . .).

Looking forward to reading your submissions!

Your poetry editor,

Terrie Leigh Relf