My Interview at RYZ Magazine

Hi Everyone:

I recently learned about this inspiring publication and had the opportunity to be interviewed by Steven Minnaar. Be sure to check out all these entrepreneurs, including my friend and colleague, Chuck Hardwick, who hosts the OB Networking Group at Te Mana Cafe on Tuesdays at noon. Here’s the link to my interview: Entrepreneur Showcase.


Hiraeth Books’ New Drabble Contest

Hi Everyone!

Sozar! Here’s the link for Hiraeth Books’ new drabble contest. Even though our new site is still under construction, there is much to explore – including the guidelines for seven of our publications!  The shop is open and you can expect to see more titles shortly.

Looking forward to reading your drabble submissions!

Your Humble Ambassador,

Terrie Leigh Relf


My Ebooks Will Still Be Available at Alban Lake Publishing

Hi Everyone:

Since I’m moving to Hiraeth Books, I just wanted to let you know that you will still be able to purchase some of my ebooks and other assorted fare at Alban Lake Publishing.

Humbly Yours,

The Boortean Ambassador


My Work Will Now Be Published by Hiraeth Books

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to let you know that several of my past books, along with my upcoming ones, will be published by Hiraeth Books. This is also where I will be hosting the somewhat-quarterly Drabble Contests, the Kids’ Drabble Contests, and other special projects as they arise. While the site is still under construction, there is quite a bit to to experience! Please head through the portal to see all that Hiraeth Books has to offer!


Your Humble Boortean Ambassador

Tales From the Moonlit Path’s Valentine’s Day Issue Is Now Available!

Of course, “My Bloody Valentine” is playing in my head as I type this. . . Here’s to celebrating Valentine’s Day with some wonderfully-disturbing tales of love . . . Thank you to all the poets who shared their work for this issue! Unless you’re feeling a bit daring, be sure to keep the lights on when you read everything that this issue has to offer – including the spine-tingling fiction!

Until next time . . .

Your Moonlit Poetry Editor

P.S. The call for our summer issue is also up!


Sozar! Postcards From Space Is NOW Available!

My new poetry collection, Postcards from Space, was just released! The awesome cover is by Teresa Jay, along with a guest back cover piece by my multi-talented daughter, Willow Katsumi. I thought I’d share one of the haibun poems with you:


On Learning New Customs


The Boortean Survey Station is on autopilot. Samples have been gathered, catalogued, discussed. The cultural ambassador is on Haura, learning about their customs.

alien concepts

a hand-delivered postcard

from Haura

The ambassador has brought Hauran gifts! She pours colored pencils and pens, paper, around the cartographer’s station. We scribble for a while, attempt self-portraits.


the scent of Mora blossoms

wafts through the air vents



Mindgrid communiqué arrives. The mission has been extended through summer. Morale fluctuates.


so many flavors

of Hauran ice cream

synthsuit too tight (9)


(Purchase a copy now by visiting this link at Hiraeth Books!)