A Day in the Life Presents Science Fiction & Horror Author, Debby Feo

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Terrie Leigh Relf: What types and forms of writing do you do? 
Debby Feo: I write SciFi, children’s, and vampire books, poems, and short stories.
TLR: What is your area(s) of subject matter expertise? How did you discover this niche? What intrigues you about it?

DF: For my first four vampire novels, I did research on the time period that I wanted the characters to be in.  For SciFi novels, I do research on planets, moons, and inventions that exist, then I make up the rest myself.  My children’s poetry books are based on my experiences growing up.

TLR: How do you balance your creative and work time?
DF:  I am fortunate to be a housewife, so can arrange my own schedule.  My best work,
the writing that needs the least revision, is done in the early morning hours.
TLR: What tips do you have for other writers?
DF: Write down any ideas you get, as you get them, and don’t worry about grammar
and “going in order.” If a chapter is floundering, come back to it later.
TLR: What are your thoughts on the creative process in general and your creative process in particular? Where do your ideas come from? What inspires and intrigues you? 
DF: Not trying to brag, but I’ve got a great imagination.  I’ve been writing poems since
high school (the early Seventies). Sometimes, the characters in my books have a
lot of me in them. My book of “sad” poems, On the Edge, is non-fiction. In college,
I majored in both Psychology and Sociology, as I’ve always been interested in
the motives for behavior.
TLR: Where have you been published? Upcoming publications? Awards and other accolades?
DF: I’ve had work published in a number of Sam’s Dot Publishing and Alban Lake Publishing’s magazines and anthologies. These include Beyond Centauri, Hungur, Cosmic Crime Stories, Spaceports and Spidersilk, Aoife’s Kiss, Scifaikuest,
The Drabbler, Shelter of Daylight, Drabble Harvest, and Frostfire Worlds.  I have four self-published poetry books on Smashwords, and seven books published by Alban Lake Publishing: Meet the Mercusons, Saturnial School Scenes, Vow of Blood, Here Be Vampires, Trail of Blood, Dark and Bloody Ground, and Blood On the Moon.

Photo courtesy of the author.

 TLR: What are you working on now? 
 DF: I am currently working on the sequel to Saturnial School Scenes.  It is called The Caves Of Titan.  I also have several poetry books in progress: Bee Bits, Grandpa Goes To Florida, and Confessions Of a Catholic School Girl.  At some point, I will put all the short stories I have written for kids that I know into a book called Stories For My Friends.
TLR: What challenges have you faced as a writer and/or with a particular project? 
DF: The Caves Of Titan book I am working on is taking much longer than I expected because of having to move temporarily to and from the Seattle area, and also trying to sell our house in eastern Washington.  In addition, in September, I fractured my right humerus, so that put an end to typing for quite some time, as the humerus does not heal quickly.
TLR: Are you currently a writing mentor? If so, what are your thoughts on mentoring?
DF: Unfortunately, no time for that right now, with the exception of personal friends, as I have many books to finish.  What spare time I have goes to supporting “My Causes”: stopping bullying and animal cruelty, and volunteering for the ISF (Ian Somerhalder Foundation). Mentors are wonderful.  I would never have attempted writing a novel without your encouragement.   (Terrie is the former editor of Hungur magazine, and the current editor of Alban Lake Publishing’s Drabble Harvest.)
TLR: Thank you, Debby. It’s always awesome to work with talented writers. Who are your favorite characters? How did they come into being, and what do you love – or loathe – about them?
DF: My vampire, Gaius, is my favorite character.  There’s a lot of me in him.
TLR: What poetry forms do you write in? What is it that you love about these forms?
DF: Many of my children’s poems rhyme.  My other poems don’t usually.  I’ve also tried scifaiku, vampaiku (I made this word up.), and haibun.  I have not tried many formal types of poems, as they seem too forced, at least for me.
 TLR: Are you currently, or have you ever, been in a writing group? Your thoughts? 
DF: I went to a couple of meetings once, back when I was only writing poems. I don’t  even  remember where, but that’s all.  I’d rather people read my poems than recite
TLR: I know our readers would love to hear about your networking, marketing, and promotional experiences – including tips.
DF: I spend more time writing than promoting, but I do have an Author’s Page and a “Bee Bits” page on Goodreads. I have a Twitter account @DebbyFeo, and a Facebook page called “Grandpa’s Chair Pictures.”  I also have biography pages on
Amazon (Grandpa’s Chair and Kindle books), and on Smashwords.
TLR: Anything else you’d like to add that I haven’t asked? 
DF: My dream is to have a movie made of one of my books, so that I can support my husband, for a change.
TLR: Thank you for creating the time for this interview. Be sure to visit all of Debby’s pages!
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