My Internet Access Will Be Sporadic

My computer is in the shop, and I am calling to the Four Corners of the Universe to protect my data and for the Computer Guys to save my computer. . .Right now, I’m borrowing my son’s, which is an older MAC.

Humbly Yours,

The One Who Spilled Coffee. . .

Upcoming Webinar: Networking Tips for Writers

Click on this link to learn more about my upcoming webinar.

The July 19 Boortean Embassy Literary Salon is Cancelled

Apologies everyone, but I need to cancel the salon tomorrow. My family is going to be with my father, who is in the hospital right now.

Will reschedule at some point in the future. . .Thank you for your patience.

Search for a Kinder Muse is NOW AVAILABLE at Smashwords!

A few hours ago, I launched my first-ever self-published poetry collection, Search for a Kinder Musewith awesome art by Marcia Borell. It includes poems from my first-ever chapbook, Lap Danced by the Muse, as well as another popular collection, My Friend, The Poet, and Other Poems About People I Think I Know. 

Hope you enjoy!

On List Poems. . .

It seems that list poems are all the rage these days! Recently, I have had more hits on my “Beat the Heat with a List Poem” article than any others. Thank you, dear readers. . .So, that said, I would love to hear – and read – any list poems that you compose. Also given the popularity of this article, I’m planning another. . .

What would you like to me address? Please leave a comment below – and enjoy the process!

Sozar to All the Poets in Dwarf Stars!

I just finished reading (and yes, rereading several times) the recently released contest publication, Dwarf Stars, edited by the inimitable John Amen! I just sent in my votes, and admit it was challenging given all of the awesome poems – and poets – within.

I also want to say how honored I am to be within its pages with my poem, “The Scent of a Corpuscle.”


New Release: The July 2015 Kinder Muse Newsletter

Sozar!  I was caught in a time warp, so wasn’t able to create a newsletter for June. I just sent out the July newsletter, however, so if you’d like to receive it, sign up now, and I can send it to you. Looking forward to exchanging knowledge with you all!