Search for a Kinder Muse by Terrie Leigh Relf - with art by Marcia Borell

Searching for a Kinder Muse? You’ve reached the right place! It’s a well-known fact that my Muse and I tend to be at odds from time-to-time, hence the collection of poetry you see to your right. . .

That said, when you read my ‘handbook” for poets and fiction writers, Poet’s Workshop – and Beyondyou’ll discover that I put HER on a back-burner and keep moving forward.

If you don’t have a copy of my popular book, Poet’s Workshop – and Beyond, and you like the articles in this section, then there are even more in the book.


Poet's Workshop

While I’m still on hiatus from posting new articles here, as I’m focusing on The Fiction Writer’s Workshop – and Beyond, I welcome topic requests and feedback.


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