Don’t Get Me Started – Part II

I got you going, didn’t I?

So, you may be wondering why I posted that uncharacteristic rant. Okay. Perhaps there were some aspects that you did expect from me.

What were they?

Come on. I know you want to share your observations and insights. You can even be anonymous if you want.

Still processing?


Seriously though, the main reason I posted that was to see how people responded. Yup. That’s me, the mischievous monkey poking your buttons, toying with your triggers, and otherwise attempting to instigate some sort of a response.

Call it an occupational skill set. . .

So now what?

I dunno. Maybe you want to tell me how you feel and what you want to do with those feelings?


So, how do those feelings feel? Would you rather feel something different?

Yes? No? Maybe?

You’re doing great. . .

Yes, it’s just the tele, but why does it poke your buttons? What is it about any TV show or movie or creative endeavor that causes us to become instant critics? Do we base our commentary on our intellect? Our emotions? Whether or not we know the actor, the chef, the artist or the writer?

Yes – it IS about connections! Perhaps it’s also because these sorts of scenarios – or stories –  remind us of our own  relationships. You know the ones: Family, friends, lovers, spouses, children, siblings, co-workers, colleagues et al.

Could it also be possible that some – but not all – of these pseudo-realistic scenarios remind us of our own goals and dreams?

Thought so.

What’s holding you back from going for it – no matter what it is?

I’d love to watch you cook on Master Chef. I’d love to cheer you on at the local Farmer’s Market with you signature chocolate sauce or cullee or jam. And I’d love to see your novel on the Bram Stoker Nomination List, and yes, the New Yorker’s Best Seller List as well.

So, the next time you’re watching one of these competitive reality shows (and yes, Shark Tank, despite it’s “real life” edge is a major contender), ask yourself if you’re doing everything in your power to bring it into being.

And yes, ask yourself if it would be beyond awesome to have a coach in your corner.

P.S. So, Given the entire season of Master Chef, who would you love to have cater your special event? Whose restaurant would you dine at? And who would you like to share a meal with. Seriously. I really do want to know.




Don’t Get me Started: Master Chef

I admit it. I watch Master Chef and everything Gordon Ramsay has spawned, including Hotel Hell et al. For the record, I know that his persona on British TV is considerably different than what we see on TV in the US. A friend of mine in the biz told me that he delivers what his audience wants. I’m sorry to say that the US audience seems to thrive on competitive attitudes that are based on negativity and putting opponents down.

Don’t get me started on what I think about that. . .

In short, I want to say that every season I watch this show et al, when I observe arrogance, chefs who aren’t team players, etc., that I make a mental – and an emotional – note to NOT ever go to any restaurant where they are a chef.

Seriously? Do you want to eat food prepared by someone who isn’t a nice person, who appears, despite the scripts assigned to them, to create an atmosphere of *%()#(&?

I don’t care how skilled they are, how daring, how cutting edge, or how forward thinking they may be, they are NOT cooking con carino. I’ve walked out of restaurants where chefs yell at sous chefs and servers and what not. Sorry. That gives me indigestion, etc.

Okay, mini rant over. . .

For the record, I would LOVE to eat at Elizabeth’s restaurant and KNOW that she will get that cookbook deal regardless. Courtney? No way. . .

Announcing September’s Boortean Embassy Literary Salon

Greetings Poets and Story Tellers! The next salon is planned for Sunday, September 28, from 12:00-1:00-ish (PST). This is an opportunity to share what we’re writing, explore ideas, and otherwise engage in a meaningful exchange  with like-minded Haurans and Friends of Boort!

Want to join us?

Sozar! Follow these short steps:

1. Send me your email.

2. On Sunday, when I send out the link, just click on it, download the free software, and then you’ll be whisked through the portal!

3. Have fun! Share your ideas, observations, and insights!

The Boortean Embassy can accommodate 25 Haurans and Friends of Boort! Looking forward to seeing you there!

And remember, your ticket is free!

Life is a Creative Path!

Some of you who visit my site may also know that I’m a Reiki Practitioner. I’d love for you to visit my Reiki Blog, which, while it is one of those proverbial works-in-process, is a place where I would love to hear about your spiritual practices, as well as how you embody these within your journey as writers, artists, musicians et al.

We are ALL creative individuals and approach that life path in a unique way. Please come share!

Thoughts for the day: What’s in a poem?

I’ve been more focused on my fiction writing than my poetry of late, and have noticed myself revisiting old poems. While this may sound like an Introduction to Poetry & Literature 101, I still ask myself what’s in a poem? What makes it poetry rather than words and lines on a page? And how is it different than fiction?

Then there’s poetic prose. . .

I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent discussing these and other questions with my poem-and-fiction-writing friends and colleagues or how many hours I’ve discussed this with myself.

Perhaps another question is what draws us to poetry, and once we’re there, what causes us to remain?