Don’t Get me Started: Master Chef

I admit it. I watch Master Chef and everything Gordon Ramsay has spawned, including Hotel Hell et al. For the record, I know that his persona on British TV is considerably different than what we see on TV in the US. A friend of mine in the biz told me that he delivers what his audience wants. I’m sorry to say that the US audience seems to thrive on competitive attitudes that are based on negativity and putting opponents down.

Don’t get me started on what I think about that. . .

In short, I want to say that every season I watch this show et al, when I observe arrogance, chefs who aren’t team players, etc., that I make a mental – and an emotional – note to NOT ever go to any restaurant where they are a chef.

Seriously? Do you want to eat food prepared by someone who isn’t a nice person, who appears, despite the scripts assigned to them, to create an atmosphere of *%()#(&?

I don’t care how skilled they are, how daring, how cutting edge, or how forward thinking they may be, they are NOT cooking con carino. I’ve walked out of restaurants where chefs yell at sous chefs and servers and what not. Sorry. That gives me indigestion, etc.

Okay, mini rant over. . .

For the record, I would LOVE to eat at Elizabeth’s restaurant and KNOW that she will get that cookbook deal regardless. Courtney? No way. . .

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