May 2014 Flash Fiction Class – It’s YOUR time to focus on YOUR writing!

Take a moment to imagine finishing that short story in process. . .

Feels good, doesn’t it?

Now hold onto that feeling and take another moment to imagine finishing yet another and another (and yes, another) story.

That really feels good, doesn’t it?

Because I’m dedicated to assisting you with meeting these goals – and them some – I’ve decided to extend the prepay discount through the end of April. That’s right. Only $125.00 for four classes. Given my writing coaching fee of $150.00 per hour, this is an excellent value.

Remember that if two of your friends sign up, your class is free!

Looking forward to hearing from and working with you!

Write on!



Feeling grateful for high-speed Internet!

I came across one of my old articles, “What to do when the sites are loading“, and had a few flashbacks to literally having enough time to pen a sonnet while waiting for my old dial-up.

I do so love to write sonnets, so perhaps I’ll pen a new one – or an ode – to high-speed Internet!