The Boortean Embassy Needs a New MacBook Pro+!

If you’ve been following my ongoing computer saga, then you know my data has been saved (and is currently being downloaded to an external drive at Computer Guys!). With the goal of purchasing a new computer yesterday (where did I park my time machine this time?! Sozar!), I am conducting a shameless self-promotion (is there any other kind?) to purchase my new poetry collection, Search for a Kinder Muse – with art by Marcia Borell. For the price of a mocha or latte, you can embark upon a journey to discover your own kinder muse!

I’m also offering a special on coaching sessions for the month of August. Just imagine having your own Kinder Muse at your beck-and-call (some restrictions do apply) on a weekly basis!

Normally, my third writing coaching package runs $650.00 per month. But for this month, I would like to offer it to you for just $500.00. Just imagine how much you will accomplish! Just imagine ringing-round-Saturn with your poetry collection, your short stories, and yes, that novel, too! Just imagine being transported into the future to unveil your incredible plot! Just imagine walking through the stacks of your own unique library to discover creative solutions to marketing, networking – and more!

Contact me now at (using the unique codewords, “open the portal”) and celebrate your writing success!

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