A Day in the Life Presents Science Fiction & Fantasy Author & Poet Ron Sparks

Terrie Leigh Relf: What types and forms of writing do you do?  Ron Sparks: I write science fiction, fantasy, and poetry.  Namely, I write haiku, senryu, cinquain, free verse, and scifaiku. I started writing fantasy when I was a kid, about 12-years-old, on my Apple IIe computer.  My first real story was called “Knight and […]

A Day in the Life Presents . . . Poet & Editor, Teri Santitoro

Terrie Leigh Relf: What types – and forms  – of writing do you do? Since you’re also an editor, what is your niche? Teri Santitoro: I am the editor of the minimalist genre poetry magazine, Scifaikuest, which publishes sf/h/f poetry, both ONLINE and in PRINT. Most of my creative energy is focused on the magazine; however, […]

April 2016 Kinder Muse Newsletter

What does the full moon invoke in you? Many writers do their best writing in the dark. . .What about you? MONTHLY ARTICLE During this moon, we have our first guest columnist, Tyree Campbell, of Alban Lake Publishing. Without further ado, here is an article that will cast a very wide spell. . .I mean, […]

May 2016 Kinder Muse Newsletter

Welcome to the Kinder Muse newsletter for May 2016! And yes. . .it’s a wee bit late, but well worth the wait, IMHO! You’ll want to sit down, relax, and sip on one of your favorite beverages for this one. . . MONTHLY ARTICLE This month, we have another guest column by Alban Lake Publishing’sManaging […]

Looking for a Little Inspiration?

Perhaps you’re between novels or are attempting to tie off a few plot strings before weaving them back into a short story. Or maybe you’ve been diligently working on a thematically-linked poetry collection and you just need a break. Let’s face it, you want more fun in your life, too, right? Or maybe you just […]

Day in the Life Presents: Poet, Fiction Writer & Editor Teri Santitoro of Scifaikuest

Terrie Leigh Relf: What are your writing rituals?  Teri Santitoro: Usually, I daydream. Seriously. I daydream about a scene, and what happens within that realm, then I write what I’ve seen. Not always, but usually. TLR: How do you prepare your space for these activities? TS: I have no preparation for my space. When I’m ready to write, […]

The Kinder Muse Newsletter for August 2016

The two masks that adorn this newsletter were created by my mother, Connie Relf. I remember watching her bring them into being. . .Occasionally, she would talk about her process as well as her intention. Her goal? In part, to give a face – or faces – to her inner Shaman so that she could gaze […]

Expand Your Business with a Professional Bio – Here’s How

There are so many ways to market your business. Experience has taught me that one of these vehicles is through the professional biography. Your professional biography, or bio, for short, is one method that your potential clients, business associates, and colleagues learn about who you are and what you offer. They are an effective way […]

A Day in the Life Presents: An Interview with Author, Steven Lloyd

Terrie Leigh Relf: What are your daily writing rituals? How do you prepare your space for these activities? Steven Lloyd: Truth be told, Terrie, I’m a closet procrastinator. Few people know this about me. I have no set rituals. I do enjoy writing outdoors, which I’m doing now. Lack of faith and procrastinating is a crippling disease […]