Thank You, Dear Friends of Boort!

While I did make a post on FB about The Embassy being stretched to the Four Corners of the Universe – and Beyond! (or something to that effect . . .), I just wanted to post something here as well. Sozar to everyone that submitted to our 14th contest: Extra-Terrestrial Reincarnation! I’ve chosen the first and second-place winners, along with the honorable mentions, which have been sent to our Fearless Leader. Remember that you are all considered to be winners in our universe! These will be posted in the April “View From the Lake” Newsletter, which will arrive shortly. Meanwhile, you can feast your mind and senses on March’s. 

The Embassy staff will be sending out acceptance letters by the end of the week (or thereabouts . . . you know about that space-time continuum thing better than most). Remember that this is a contest, so if your work hasn’t been accepted for the upcoming issue, you won’t receive a notification.

For future reference, a most-excellent practice is to to submit more than one contest entry – and to read the guidelines as if they were a lifeline and tether while you’re out on a space walk (which they are, theoretically).

Meanwhile, please visit our site for untold turns of inspiration and adventure! So much awaits you at our bookstore . . . we know you can’t just read one!

Humbly Yours,

The Boortean Ambassador

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