Who doesn’t love a contest? I know I do, and haven’t held one outside of Alban Lake Publishing’s Drabble Contest for a while. Here are the particulars:

WHO: You, the writer. You, the insightful writer.  You, the insightful writer that despite having articles, novels, poems, stories et al rejected, continues to write – and submit!

WHAT: This free-to-enter contest is quite simple, really. All you need to do is follow the guidelines below.

WHEN: August 1 – 31, 2016

WHERE: Right here at my website. The winner – and winning article –  will be posted at the site.

WHY:  Because writing contests are fun – and you have a chance to win a coaching session – a $150.00 value – with YT! That’s why!

HOW: By submitting your entry (yes, just one) to


The Guidelines

Given the “WHO” portion of the above particulars, you most likely intuited the basic theme for this contest: Rejection. But it’s not just about having your work rejected, declined, or a host of other verbs (some more euphemistic than others); it’s about how you handle that experience – and what you learn – as a result.

Or perhaps another way to think of it is this – How do you keep writing and submitting along with the rejections pilling up?!

So, now onto the specifics:

In a 300-700-word max “essay,” delve deep into your experience with the above – and yes, humor is welcome. When submitting, be sure to include the following in your subject line: Rejection Contest Submission/name/title.

Furthermore, when you submit your essay to, it is with the understanding that

1) The winning post will be published at this site for all the world to see;

2) There is no monetary compensation other than the prize of a life or writing coaching session;

3) The work you submit is your own; and

4) You retain the copyright, and are giving me, Terrie Leigh Relf, permission to post your work.


Questions? Please email me at and be sure to reference this contest in your subject line. I’m looking forward to your submissions!

Write on!

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