Getting Out of Our Comfort Zones

It’s one thing to write what we know. That’s a given as well as frequently heard as sage writing advice.

What about getting out of our comfort zones, though? Does it look like a tangled mess of Venn diagrams and mind mapping? An orderly progression of charts and graphs? Or perhaps it closely resembles a blank page or the eerie glow of a computer screen around midnight.

How often do we really venture beyond what we know and write about it? Maybe we do a little genre crossing or submit to a publication that has rejected us over and over and over again. Or maybe we make lists of things we’re curious about, such as writing a story in second person or conducting research to find just the right details for a character’s occupation or directions to a mountain hideaway or. . .You get the picture.

What do we feel when encouraged to step out of that comfort zone? Do we start twitching? Engage in avoidance behavior? Do we decide to organize our paper clips by size or sharpen all our pencils or vacuum up all those spider webs clinging to the corners above our desk.

Or, do we get excited and leverage that curiosity?

Would love to hear all of your thoughts on this. . .

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