The Ocean Beach Writers Networking Group is Thursday, March 17!

Yes: I am a dreamer. For a dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.
–Oscar Wilde, “The Critic as Artist”

While seeing the dawn before the proverbial “rest of the world,” is not a punishment in my book, I can totally relate to Wilde’s quote above. I’m sure you can, too. . .

Come join us THIS Thursday to celebrate being a writer. . .Wear green. . .Have a beer. . .Get in-touch with your inner-Irish!

Here are the particulars:

Who: Published and yet-to-be-published writers, poets, fiction and non-fiction writers, editors, copywriters, and content providers, indie publishers et al. Whether you’re a local OBcean, live in San Diego at large, or are “just visiting” the area, you are welcome to join us.

What: The Ocean Beach Writers Networking group for serious professional writers.

Where: Te Mana Cafe  on Voltaire, between Cable and Bacon in Ocean Beach.

When: Every Thursday from 12:30PM-1:30PM.

Why: To connect, share resources, referrals – and more!

How: Just go to FaceBook and click  “join” on the Ocean Beach Writers Networking Group and/or email me at to be placed on the weekly newsletter list.

Please be sure to thank Te Mana’s owners, Marguerite and Jason, for welcoming us. Check out this awesome menu as well as their beer-on-tap – and in bottles, too!
Show your appreciation for the inimitable cheerful staff by tipping often and generously.

To receive the OBWNG newsletter and/or The Kinder Muse newsletter, please send an email to

Looking forward to connecting with you!


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  1. Hi Terrie! Thurs is me birthday!! I’ll be coming down on Thrs but Shanna has big surprise plans starting at noon. She told me to bring a change of clothing, and that has me a bit worried, but hey… maybe we’re going to dance naked in the streets… or go skinny dipping… or… well, I’ll just have to wait & see. Your group sounds super… i like that it is for serious writers. I would love to attend. Problem is the distance, but I’m down there from time to time and will try to swing it sooner rather than later. There we are, the first line of a new song… “Swing it sooner/ Rather than later…” 🙂


    • Just got home from the Ocean Beach Writers Networking Group, and everyone would absolutely LOVE you! Here’s to making it one of these days. I seriously believe you’re going to move down here – and soon. Here’s to rockin’ your Birthday! It’s so awesome your daughter has something special planned. . .May the mysteries unfold under the light of the moon!



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