The Boortean Embassy Creative Writing Workshops

Do you want to hone your flash fiction skills? Haibun? Write scifaiku or other speculative poetry? Or perhaps you want to write a novella, novel or memoir, and know that you thrive – and process best – when exchanging ideas with others. . .(Then there’s that being held accountable dynamic.)

Look no further! If you already have a few writing friends that would like to join you, even better!

Normally, I charge $200.00 an hour for writing coaching; however, in celebration of the New Year (and yes, I am a Fire Monkey, so I’m feeling exceptionally generous. . .), I’m offering a four-session workshop for the grand total of $200.00 per person.

NOTE: For those of you who may not be familiar with Boort (or all things Boortean), it is a planetary system often visited in my fiction and poetry (e.g.., The Waters of Nyr). For those of you who write drabbles and submit them to Alban Lake Publishing’s Great Lakes drabble contests, then you have seen my  moniker, The Boortean Ambassador, in both the subject and signature lines of my emails. I have also hosted an online literary salon where artists, poets, and fiction writers gather to discuss their creative work. The Embassy is a fun place to exchange ideas within the science and speculative fiction arenas – and yes, horror, as well. I’m all about crossing genres and transfusing tropes!

Questions? Please contact me in the space below.

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