Daily Prompting for Saturday, October 24, 2015

Perhaps because it’s one of my specialties (banishing them, that is), I want you to focus on phobias. Yes, that’s right. . .Of spiders and public speaking, death and dizzying heights. Check out this list to get started, and challenge yourself to work the definitions into your poem or short story.  Just for fun, here is one of my poems:

Welcome to the Zombie Confessional

It’s not that I’m agoraphobic,

but I don’t go out much anymore.

My psychiatrist says the meds should help,

but that’s still not getting me out the door.

It’s not that I’m allodoxaphobic,

as I definitely care what people think.

The news crews search for leads to stories,

and some believe I’m at the brink.

It’s not that I’m atephobic,

but have you looked outside, seen all the ruin?

The virologists turned world leaders claim

it will take centuries to restore the union.

It’s not like I’m bacillo or bacteriophobic,

as I’m already considered dead—

or even that I’m basophobic,

as look at me—standing upright with a head!

What I am is blenno and bufonophobic –

it’s raining frogs and giant toads,

and as their slimy tongues and bulbous bodies

slither toward me, my sanity erodes.


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