Daily Prompting for Monday, October 12, 2015

I know it takes a lot to scare some of us today. . .We were raised on campy horror, gross horror, slapstick et al. And yes, true horror. The day-to-day kind. The stuff which REALLY happens.

Take a moment to ponder prevention, stopping a horrendous act BEFORE it happens, and okay, perhaps a way to teach the evil-doers a lesson.  . .

That’s right. Your character is the hero who will thwart the real-life evil burgeoning in the local canyon, the park, the school lunch room (and yes, locker room, gym showers, playground et al), and that short cut that leads home. . .Go ahead and look at local, national, and especially international news headlines. What IS going on across this planet? How can YOU put a stop to it.

Fictionally speaking, that is.

Seriously, though, you may discover just what is needed to foment change in the proverbial “real world.”



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