Another Poem from Search for a Kinder Muse


Back when I emceed the open mic at Rebecca’s Cafe in South Park, this was one of the poems I was asked to perform over and over and over again. . .It’s another one of my personal favorites, and appears in my recent release, Search for a Kinder Muse. I just want to give a shout-out to Rebecca for creating the space where so many creative people could mingle and share their art!


12 eggs.

I used 12 eggs to make meringue,

but it never peaked or stiffened;

I’d whip and beat, stir and scrape,

begging it to rise.

I suppose I mixed the ingredients out-of-order,

added sugar gradually when I really should have dumped it in all at once— and at low speed.

Okay, Okay. . .So I should have used my hands rather than a techno-gadget — shut up already!

Now where’d I put those kitchen knives?

Perhaps it’s because he heard the screams,

but when my neighbor burst through the door,

I was really pretty calm. Well, calm-er. . .

“Don’t worry,” I tell him. “I’m okay. Really.”

He looks into the bowl. “It’s just meringue, nothing to get so upset over!”

But he doesn’t realize — how could he?

That a woman’s worth is measured in eggs.

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