Daily Prompting for Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Okay, folks. . .It’s time to focus on Halloween – and Dias de los Muertos y Angelitos – poems, short stories, novels, screenplays, and yes articles, too.

That said, get on over to Netflix, your local DVD store, your shelves (and yes, those careening stacks on the floor!) for inspiration. Get thee hence to your  personal library (as well as that wonder-filled brick-and-mortar facility on the corner) for even further inspiration.

Why not invite a few friends over. . .turn out the lights. . .and invite the spirits to tell you a tale or two. Gaze into a mirror (candle or flashlight optional) and wax quirky or campy. Ominous or moody. Existential or downright horrifying. Make some noise. Don some masks. Lay out offerings to the dead. . .Just remember that they are watching you and WANT TO BE ENTERTAINED!

Now get writing! I’m planning on visiting – and revisiting – a few of my favorite tropes in the upcoming days. I welcome you to share your tales. . .


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