Daily Prompting for Sunday, October 4, 2015

Have you ever read a short story – or novel – that ends at the precipice of a cliff?

With cliffhanger tales, you may still feel that you KNOW what happens next as after all, it was written by a skilled writer who clearly intended this finale. Why? There are probably as many reasons as there are writers. Perhaps it’s to demonstrate that fictional choices – just like the choices we make in life – are not always so black-and-white; there are all those fuzzy gray areas. It could also be to add an air of mystery or to challenge a reader to solve a puzzle or to imagine all the possibilities.

I have two “exercises” for you to do today:

  1. Take a cliffhanger and rewrite the ending so that it is resolved. Remember to maintain the style of the original writer. . .Then write another resolution and another.
  2. Write a short story with an ambiguous ending – and remember to leave some clues! (Or not, if you prefer.)
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