Daily Prompting for Monday, September 21, 2015

First, the background story. . .

How many reviews have you written of late? If you’re like me, only a few. . .It’s not that I don’t read copious amounts of fiction and poetry et al that inspires me to say something, but that I’m so focused on writing my own fiction et al, and if – as well as when – I do write a review, I have that voice urging me to give it that academic treatment. . .

That said, I recently came across a flash fiction piece that I wrote –  in epistolary style – about an academic who is submitting a review about a colleague’s work. While it’s received one rejection, I’m planning to submit it to another publisher tomorrow, so no spoilers.

After rereading said story, I thought it would be fun to encourage people to write a fictional review – and address it to a colleague, a department chair – or a major publication which you create.

Have some fun. Be devious. Be clever. Wax nostalgic and philosophical. Go Human+ and anything else your genius of a mind can imagine.

Because yes. . .reviews have the power to engage us in dialogue as well as meaning-making. Fictional – or not – as they may be.

Enjoy the process. . .Go ahead and transfer all those thoughts and feelings about [insert imaginary novel/short story/poem/screenplay] into a fictional work that is fiction within fiction within fiction.

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