Daily Prompting for Thursday, September 17, 2015

Write a kid’s adventure story! (I always loved these as a kid and still read them. . .) Or, perhaps the “grown-up” versions of these precocious – and fearless – kids could flashback to the proverbial where it all began. What do they discover? How does this flash them forward into adulthood? What skills do they learn to survive and/or thrive? Something magical? Out-of-this-world? Do they travel back – or forward – in time? Or, does time stand still for them? You decide.

  • Jane and Eli dig a hole in the backyard
  • Morgan and Brianna explore a cave during a storm
  • Teresa, Alfonso, and Freddie discover a rather odd egg in an abandoned nest
  • Mercedes sneaks out after her parents are asleep to investigate a ruin
  • Todd paddles his kayak out to a derelict ship
  • Mimi and her grandmother walk into a beam of light at the forest’s edge
  • Efrain, Mondo, Clarence, and Sebastian discover a secret passageway beneath their school
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