Daily Prompting for Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Sounds, ike visual information, are all around us: the beating of hearts, the inhale and exhale of breath, coughs, sneezes, snorts, burps (and other gaseous responses), and finger snapping; the whirr of juicers and microwave beeps, car doors and trunks slamming, buses whining to a stop, motors idling, motorcycles traveling through the neighborhood at break-neck speeds, horns honking and wheels spinning, dogs barking and cats howling. . .raccoons and possums scrabbling up a tree or fence.

Write down everything you hear right now as fast as you can. Then make a chart or otherwise categorize the sounds. Which sound natural? Unnatural?

After you do that, focus on creating words that mimic these sounds, or onomatopoeia . .

After that, apply it to a scene complete with characters.

And after that, delve into synesthesia. . .what colors are invoked with certain sounds? Other sensory data? Combine. . .

Okay, and after that, imagine your character(s) hears something totally unrecognizable. What is it?!

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