Daily Prompting for Monday, September 14, 2015

What is your story’s setting? Do you see it when you write? Excellent!

But do your readers?

Writers are often incredibly visual people – and auditory and kinesthetic et al. We see, hear, taste, feel, and intuit what is going on in our stories. Sometimes, though, we are so in-the-zone that we may not actually transfer “all that” to the page.

For today’s prompt, focus on creating a setting (or two or three. . .). What’s the weather like? What sounds are in the environment? Scents? Include landscape, structures, and so forth – AND THEN bring in your character(s). What are they hearing? Not hearing? What are they smelling, tasting or feeling? Bring in some internal dialogue and/or have them talk to themselves (okay, or someone else).


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