What are YOU Focused on Right Now?

I really want to know!

And I hope it’s a drabble or two or three or seven!

Or perhaps an article, a novel or a screenplay!

(and let us not forget the veritable treasure trove of academic analysis!)

What am I doing? Well, currently, I am focusing on a revision of Walks-With-Two-Spirits (and yes, it was recently rejected. . .), as well as two novels in my Boortean Universe  series, The Boortean Embassy and The Beacon Lights of Ranat. Other projects include Further Adventures with the Muse, which will include a few poems from Lap Danced by the Muse along with new work – and a cover by Marcia Borell. This will be the first time I “self-publish”  – period – and I’m really excited about the Smashwords platform, as I’ve known quite a few authors and editors who sing their praises!

Other projects?

You really know me, don’t you? So, the ones I will admit to include several short stories in process, a collection of supernatural tales with ghosts (and other creatures of the night),  a collection of drabbles, flashshots, and other micro-fictions, and another poetry collection that I hope will cause quite a few Haurans et al to ponder the benefits of  trans-stellar travel and tourism!

And just in case you were wondering why The Star Gazer Cafe wasn’t in its usual location, that is classified.However, I have been instructed to inform you that it will be temporarily housed at The Boortean Embassy, so be sure to stop by for a plate of Star Dust cookies and a mug of Tyraelian ale!

Until then, Sozar to you!

Humbly Yours,

The Boortean Ambassador to Haura

P.S. I just wanted to let you know that the Embassy’s new surveillance program, M.U.S.E., has already registered your coordinates, so any attempt to hide your writing and/or abstain from writing (or thinking about writing) will be futile – courtesy of our new ap.

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  1. Audio audio audio. And some book trailers. I’m doing more arts and crafts than writing.



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