The Boortean Embassy’s First Sunday Literary Salon!

A Dear Friend of Boort has encouraged me yet again, and YT has decided to host an ongoing Sunday Salon at the Boortean Embassy. The first one will be this Sunday, July 13th, from 2:00pm-3:00pm Pacific Standard Time (The Embassy is currently in geosynchronous orbit with San Diego, CA).
All you have to do is contact The Embassy at to be placed on a list. Since The Embassy’s account can only accommodate a total of 25 Friends of Boort at a time, it will be, as the Haurans says, first come, first serve. I am, however, planning to open The Embassy doors at least twice a Hauran month, so if this Sunday doesn’t work with your space-time continuum, then please inform The Embassy staff what days and times are convenient.
If you’d like to attend, The Embassy’s staff will place you on a list, then send you a link a few minutes prior to the salon beginning. You will then be whooshed through the portal to join with like-minded Haurans et al to discuss drabbles and other literary topics of interest. is free for you to use, and is an excellent audio-visual platform. The access download just takes a few minutes.
Your ticket is free for this event!
Humbly Yours,
The Boortean Ambassador to Haura
Terrie Leigh Relf


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