Okay Hauran’s. . .It’s officially LAST CALL! The Embassy will keep its doors open until midnight, June 27, Pacific Standard Time, to sign you up for the Drabbleganza Mission!

Sozar! There’s really only ONE MORE DAY  according to my Hauran-Boortean TSC translation device (and yes, I checked it inside-out, backwards-forwards, and from Tyraelian to Boortean before Boortean to Hauran and then back to Boortean and then Hauran. . .).

This three-hour (count them 1-2-3) workshop will take place at the  Boortean Embassy’s virtual away station on June 28th from 12:00-3:00pm (Pacific Standard Time/San Diego,CA). THis workshop is guaranteed to launch your drabbles to the four corners of the universe – and beyond!

Please note that our Embassy staff is standing by to assure the portal is safe and operational.

No matter where you go, there you are with plots and planets to discover and memorable characters to send on adventures!

Join other Friends of Boort to honor the drabble form. Fun and secrets of the universe to be had by all. See more details under the Writing Workshops tab.

Please contact the Embassy at or via those obnoxious gadgets referred to as telephones at: 619-269-0706 to reserve your space. Bring two friends (Haurans or of alien origin) and your ticket is free. Just $150.00 for three hours that will morph into five thanks to our most generous sponsors!

Since I know you really want to experience the sheer bliss of drabble writing, if you’re unable to make this workshop, remember that the Embassy is open for private one-on-one workshops by appointment throughout the summer!




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