Write a Character Profile. . .

Writing character profiles is fun. They’re like dossiers with top secret information just waiting for plots and subplots to be revealed.

Or maybe they’re like an ancient scroll hidden in a ceramic jar or a ships log wedged between two rocks in a subterranean vault or a diary hidden inside a false wall or a. . .

You’ve got the idea!

What? Your characters all have profiles? You’ve certainly been busy. Okay, do this – Think about a character you’ve always wanted to write about. You know the one. You see he/she/it deftly handling mounds of luggage at the airport. Who are they and where are they going?

Or perhaps they’re driving up to a resort for the weekend. . .

Or they just landed on your front lawn or roof. . .

Or. . .

You’ve got the idea! Now write another one and another one and another one!


Or. . .

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