Sozar! I’ve Had a Poem Nominated for the Rhysling Award

I’m thrilled to share that my poem, “She traveled back in time,” was nominated for the Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association’s Rhysling Award! The poem first appeared in Alban Lake Publishing’s April 2017 issue of Outposts of Beyond. Thank you to Tyree Campbell for publishing this poem and to the awesome person that nominated it – whomever you are! Much gratitude also goes out to the Rhysling Chair, Linda Addison, for all that she is and does!




The Second Interview on All Business Media FM

On Monday, I had my second interview with the inimitable Rick Delgado. You can hear it, and my earlier interviews, by following this link.  I plan to be on again within the next few months. Meanwhile, spend some time at this station! They have inspiring and informative guests in a variety professions.

My 30-Minute Radio Interview Is Tomorrow!

Hi Everyone!
I’m excited about being interviewed tomorrow about my writing and life coaching. Here’s the link to my interview tomorrow:
If you live on the east coast, it will air at 3:00 pm. If you’re on the west coast, it airs at noon. Not sure about the middle states! You can hear the interview live and call in and/or check the archives after a few days.

Updates on my Interview With Corey on All Business Media FM

I had a great time being interviewed by Corey yesterday for the Health and Wellness segment at All Business Media FM! For those of you that did listen in, thank you! For those of you that weren’t able to do so, the interview will be uploaded to their archives by the weekend.

Exciting news! I will be interviewed again (and for 30 minutes) on December 18 at noon (PDT)! Will keep you all updated should anything change.


I’m going to be interviewed by Rick Del Gado on Studio 4-All Business Media AFM this Monday!

Sozar! I’m so excited to be interviewed for their health and wellness segment!

Hi Everyone! Here are the particulars for my 8-minute interview. Hope you can listen in. If not, the interview will be archived so you can listen later.

WHO: Yours Truly, Terrie Leigh Relf.

WHAT: The All Business Media AFM ‘s “Health and Wellness” segment hosted by Rick Del Gado.

WHEN: Monday, November 27, 2017, at 1:00 PM (San Diego time) and 4:00 PM EST.

WHERE:  Just click on this link to hear it live: or

WHY: Because you’re curious and Rick is an awesome host!

HOW: Just click on the link above!

There’s also going to be a brief Q&A so you can call in!


The 10th Drabble Contest Theme Is Now Available!

Sozar! The 10th drabble contest guidelines are now available at Alban Lake Publishing! Before (or after) reading them in detail, remember to peruse the November 2017 “View from the Lake” newsletter.   The Embassy has already been receiving entries through the proverbial portal, and I’m definitely looking forward to what this contest’s theme will inspire!

Remember that you may direct questions to me here in the comment box below as well as via The Embassy’s email:!

Humbly Yours,

The Boortean Ambassador to Haura

Terrie Leigh Relf




Urgent Message Regarding This Week’s Coaching Call for Writers

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to give you all advance notice that this week’s coaching call on Wednesday, October 18th is cancelled. Looking forward to hearing about all of your accomplishments next Wednesday.

Until then . . .

Visualize Success!


Terrie Leigh Relf

Your Coach and Kinder Muse


The New Drabble Contests!

Yes, that’s right. Not one, but TWO! There’s a call for a special drabble collection as well as our regular ongoing quarterly publication. Please check out the guidelines here and here respectively.

While you’re at the site checking out these and other publication guidelines (and yes, there’s a long list, including a new call or two), be sure to read the newsletter, as it’s ALWAYS full of stuff you definitely want to know about!

Then there’s the store . . . the exquisite store . . . where you will discover worlds among worlds and other delights (and flights) of imagination!

I’ve been receiving submissions for both contests, so keep ’em coming, Dear Haurans and Honorary Friends of Boort! Sozar to you all!


Attention Drabble Writers!

I would like to interview you for an article in my upcoming book, Fiction Writers Workshop–and Beyond! Please fill in the form below or email me at


Looking for a Challenge?

I loved watching Ray Bradbury’s TV show, and remember how he would often discuss the nature of creativity as well as his own writing process. One of the tips he gave was this: If you write a story a day, after a year, you should have a few good ones. (Or at least that’s how I remember it. . .) I actually took that challenge a few years back, and while I mostly wrote drabbles and longer flash fiction, it proved to be an excellent self-imposed writers boot camp.

I’d like to offer you three different challenges – and an opportunity to share your process.

Here they are:

  1. The Modified Bradbury Challenge: Write a story a day for a month. That’s right. . .from start-to-finish! It doesn’t have to be perfect, mind you, or even ready to submit; it just needs to be a complete story. Each week, pick what you truly believe are the best, and then submit them.
  2. The Revision Challenge: Go through those paper, computer, and flash drive files for abandoned or otherwise back-burnered stories. Now revise – and then submit – at least one per week for the next month.
  3. The I-Really-Want-to-Write-a-New-Novel Challenge: Chris Baty of Nanorimo – and the world-wide movement he spawned – has proven beyond a doubt that you can write a novel in a month. This is not a “no-plot-no-problem” challenge, however; it’s a plot-and-planner challenge. That’s right, fellow discovery writers, this is an opportunity to explore how the proverbial “other-half” writes. Consider the following schedule:
  • Week 1: Create your character profiles and work out the plots and subplots.
  • Week 2: Begin drafting; modify plot and character profiles as needed.
  • Week 3: Continue drafting; modify plot and character profiles as needed.
  • Week 4: “Finish” drafting, and yes, modify plot and character profiles as needed.

The challenge begins NOW! And yes, be sure to reward yourself daily. . .